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    Best tower defense games pc. 10 Best Tower Defense Games of All Time

    They do need it in this game though as the meta in Guardian Chronicle is a competitive one. Featured Bundle. Originally released on the PC in , the game was eventually ported over to iOS and Android in and respectively. Death Trap. Some players will want to take a step back and relax by letting towers do the killing for them.

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    Best tower defense games pc

    After setting up towers and other defense mechanisms, players can switch to a first-person view to actively take part in the defense of their base. The game once again finds players trying to prevent a number of balloons from making their way to the end of a designated pathway. And in order to do so, they must make use of a number of different turrets as well as weapon-wielding monkeys.

    Developed by SMG Studios of Death Squared fame, the game takes place in the year after a rift is inadvertently opened, paving the way for a full-scale alien invasion. Aside from placing turrets around your base, players also get to control individual party members with specific skills, like an engineer that helps to buff your defenses.

    Originally released on iOS and Android in , the game was more recently ported over to the Nintendo Switch in As the title suggests, things can get a bit over-the-top, especially during the later stages when the difficulty ratchets up considerably.

    Thankfully, you have the ability to replay earlier stages until you earn enough points to level up your party members, which helps make the challenge a bit more manageable. Originally released on mobile phones in , Dungeon Defenders is a tower defense game that mixes in action RPG elements.

    The game has up to 6 players trying to defend against waves of orcs, goblins, and other enemies, using melee and ranged attacks as well as structures like towers and traps. Versions for the PC, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network were released in , and the game has since received two sequels, the most recent being Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, which came out of early access in The latest entry in the Orcs Must Die!

    If there was anything indie game companies have taught the industry recently, it's that going hybrid on the genre produces good results. Zombie Defense is among those results as it's part RTS and part tower defense, though the two genres don't exactly stray off far from each other. In any case, Zombie Defense lets players live out their dreams or nightmares of being a zombie apocalypse survivalist but from a top-down perspective. They'll have to push back waves of zombies while also managing their base resources.

    There's also a mobile version for those who want a more relaxed experience. Speaking of hybrids, Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves deserves a look, especially for fans of games like Left 4 Dead or the Warhammer Vermintide series.

    It's a combination of action and tower defense where players are tasked with defending a farmstead from an onslaught of rabid wolves and werewolves. It has some interesting Van Helsing aesthetics with a modifiable crossbow included. Players not only get to rely on their skills but also their strategic management where they have to set up chokepoints and defensible areas to survive rabies waves. Going back to something simpler, The Defender: Farm and Castle is a callback to the days of browser-based games.

    The graphics are basic enough, which means it can run on almost all PC setups. The game is also easy to understand. Monsters are out to pillage the player's castle and they must shore up the fortress' defenses. Players also mainly assume the role of a lone archer who can upgrade their tools to be more effective. The Defender: Farm and Castle only runs on a 2D perspective and gameplay, meaning those who are familiar with side scrollers should find plenty to like here.

    FrankenStorm TD: Prologue will surely attract fans of old horror literature and film as this game is all about being Dr. Frankenstein and defending Frankenstein castle from pesky villagers. As Dr. Frankenstein, players will have to craft clever mazes and lay traps on them to thwart off the interlopers. During their downtimes, they can then focus on their research of bringing Frankenstein's monster back to life. The cute and comedic art style along with the evolving gameplay ensures that there's plenty to do and love in FrankenStorm TD: Prologue.

    Anyone seeing this game here ought to just stop for a moment and open up Steam on a new tab to download the game right away. The Riftbreaker: Prologue is the best tower defense the industry has had in years. That's because it doesn't confine itself to one genre. It's a mix of ARPG, strategy, and tower defense as players fight off hordes of aliens while mining some valuable resources.

    Coupled with the intense action allowed by the impressively jaw-dropping graphics, The Riftbreaker: Prologue is a complete package with the hardest price tag to beat. Prime World: Defenders 2 is a worthy sequel to the original that does things even better— a rare feat for a tower defense game. Prime World: Defenders 2 pits players against an endless wave of creeps along with their tough bosses. Aegis Defenders is a tower defense game where you control a team of heroes called Ruinhunters as they search for the legendary Aegis weapon.

    Set in the wondrous world of Elam, the game sees you exploring ruins and combating hordes of ferocious beasts and monsters by building various blocks, turrets, and traps. Sleep Tight. X-Morph: Defense. In this tower defending game, it pays to destroy the Earth. Missions have you carefully placing extraction towers and various defenses in order to create maze-like paths for your human enemies to follow. Zombie Builder Defense. Group up, grab some beer and defend yourself against the zombies.

    Grim Nights. To play this game, you gain control of an entire village and assign townsfolk different tasks such as chopping trees for wood and exploring mines for gems.

    When night falls, monsters will appear and try to invade your village, requiring your village people to combine their strengths and hold off the enemy until the morning.

    Dungeon Defenders II. Related: 25 Best Multiplayer Browser Games. Dungeon Warfare 2. Wrack: Exoverse. If you ever dreamed of starring in your Marvel comic, take a peek at Wrack: Exoverse to add to your tower defending game collection! They Are Billions. Included are two game modes—Campaign, which sees you building and defending colonies from waves of the undead while also researching new technologies and learning more about the zombie virus.

    In Survival mode, players are thrown into a randomly generated world with its own unique events, weather, geography , and infected population. Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year.

    Playing the game is simple, you simply plant flowers and watch them attack the zombie swarms. In order to plant more zombie stopping foliage, you must collect falling suns or plant sunflowers.

    Once you acquire a certain number of suns, you can plant more defensive plants. Go Home Dinosaurs! In this fun cartoon tower defending game, you get to hop back to fun prehistoric times! To defeat the massive beast, you need to unlock powerful towers that act like little weaponized puzzle pieces. Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

    GemCraft: Chasing Shadows. An archdemon looks to conquer the world and rule over all but only you can stop her in this single player tower defending game! Rise to Ruins. Taking inspiration from games like Black and White, Rimworld, and Dwarf Fortress, Rise to Ruins will have you playing for hours on end. Build the largest Ratropolis and put your name into the rat hall of fame!

    This virtual game combines building cities, deck building, and tower defense with live strategy gameplay. Lead your small rat army to safety and defend your rat citizens from evil predators and monstrous creatures. Rock of Ages. But beware! Infested Planet. Fight alien scum and protect humanity with this tower defending game! Since you are surrounded, you must outmaneuver and outsmart the enemy.

    One day, Brad the Barbarian woke up to his town under siege by enemies. However, he rather go down a different path rather than the one involving the usual bloodshed. Play as him and save the city in the most bizarrest of ways!

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