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Altium Designer provides a altium designer 17.1 license free licensing system that enables you to get licensed and up and running altium designer 17.1 license free your Altium Designer software in a timely and efficient manner. The system offers various licensing types to meet and suit your licensing needs. This includes web-based on-demand licensing.

Tightly integrated with customer accounts through the Altium portal, web-based on-demand license management allows a license to be used on any computer without the need to move license files or activate on each machine.

This provides a global floating license capability — within the geographic scope of your license and the conditions set out in the EULA — without needing to implement your own server. Viewer License - a license that is linked to your AltiumLive account that allows you to view Altium Designer without needing a license. The Viewer License has no expiration date and the subscription date is set to the date of the request for the license. The Altium Designer Viewer license is linked to your AltiumLive account and is therefore not accessible from the Dashboard.

License configuration and selection is performed from the License Management view, which is accessed by clicking the control at the top-right of the workspace then choosing Licenses from the menu.

This is 'command central' for obtaining a license. Sign-in altium designer 17.1 license free your Altium account and view and select the On-Demand or Altium designer 17.1 license free licenses available to you. Whether using an On-Demand license and Standalone license, the Available Licenses region of the page will automatically present the specific licenses available to you.

Choose the license that you want to use then click on the applicable command, depending on how you want to use that license. Main article: Dashboard. The Altium Dashboard is a dedicated area that allows administrators of an organization's Altium account to manage the users, licenses and other assets associated to that account, as well as define the organization's profile, which can be made public for viewing by other organizations and their users within the AltiumLive community.

Account management of any type should never feel burdensome. With the Dashboardbeing able to manage all aspects of an organization's account is both intuitive and expedient, and all from one convenient location. The Dashboard will even notify of pending items requiring action, such as renewing a subscription that is about to expire - and enable renewal to be conducted right there-and-then, online and hassle free, allowing your organization to remain licensed with continuous subscription and access to all the benefits that entails.

Use the Dashboard to manage your account with Altium including, most importantly, your product licensing. Altium Designer Licensing System. Using Altium Documentation.

Use the following links to go straight to detailed information for your specific license type: On-Demand LicenseStandalone Licenseand Private Server License. This license type provides the greatest degree of flexibility for users who plan to work from multiple machines with an active internet connection. This license type is ideal for a single workstation and altium designer 17.1 license free designer and requires no active internet connection. This license type is ideal for those who want the flexibility of accessing their licenses from multiple machines but are not able to connect to the Altium On-Demand license server.

Access continues to be available to the legacy PLS software ; this setup and use is often preferable for smaller organizations. One thing to note is that server redundancy is not yet supported with the Altium Infrastructure Server.

Please use the legacy Private License Server software if this functionality is required. All purchased licenses associated to your account, and that are allocated to you for use, will be presented here. To access the Dashboard and any page within the AltiumLive community for that matter, you must be signed in to the AltiumLive community using your AltiumLive Account Credentials.

Only those with administrative privileges Group Administrators will have full access to the Dashboard and the ability to view and modify aspects of their organization's account. If you do not have such privileges, you will only be altium designer 17.1 license free to view the Dashboard's landing Overview page. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with altium designer 17.1 license free document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly.

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    - Altium designer 17.1 license free

    Import settings from your previous version's installation. Not only will the preferences be imported, but the user settings will be copied across too - ensuring the new version opens with the same look and feel created in the previous version, even down to the last opened workspace and panel positioning!

    If the option to import preferences on initial startup is not taken, don't worry — preferences can be quickly imported, at any time, from within the Preferences dialog.

    Simply click the button, at the bottom of the dialog. Also as part of the initial launch of your newly installed version of Altium Designer, you will be asked if you would like to participate in Altium's Product Improvement Program. This program helps Altium to improve Altium Designer moving forward, by better understanding user behavior and environments. Use the options available in the Altium Product Improvement Program dialog that appears, to either join the program or not. If you are unsure at this stage, simply enable the Not now, ask me later option - the dialog will reappear periodically.

    It is likely that you already share your usage experience with any number of companies. Your participation in this program will give Altium the ability to fine tune our products for your specific environment, identify issues you face during your everyday work, and to improve Altium Designer to fit your needs.

    Some examples of statistical information we collect includes, but is not limited to:. A few examples of hardware information we collect includes, but is not limited to:. Information about your computer hardware, and how you use Altium Designer, will be sent periodically to Altium's servers for analysis.

    The following are just some of the ways in which information, obtained and assessed through user participation in the program, will be used:. For information on how to manage your instance of Altium Designer after initial installation, use the following links:. Licensing Altium Designer. Extending the Capabilities of Altium Designer. Installing Multiple Instances of the Software.

    Changing Installed Core Functionality after Installation. Updating to a Later Version. Installing Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading version For the latest, read: Installing the Software for version What Type of Data is Collected? How is Information Collected? How will the Information be Used? Post-Installation Management. Each major version of Altium Designer is released as a separate full installation with unique default installation paths.

    This allows for side-by-side installation with other major released versions of the software. While it is possible to update to the next point release within a version 'stream', it is not possible to update from one version stream to the next, later version stream. In saying that, it is currently not possible to update to Altium Designer You must perform a new clean installation.

    With both Altium Designer Click to expand an area for greater control over sub-functionality available. Platform Extensions offer extended functionality to the core platform. Each platform extension is a dedicated package of core platform functionality that has been 'brought out' of the platform and delivered in the guise of an extension.

    By delivering this functionality as an extension, Altium can deliver updates to that core functionality without having to release an update to the entire platform itself.

    Click to enable functionality at the parent level, to quickly enable all of its child functionality too. Within Altium Designer, the F1 shortcut is definitely worth getting acquainted with.

    Hover the mouse over anything inside Altium Designer - a button, command, dialog, panel, or design object - and press F1 to access documentation for it. F1 also works for specific pages in the Preferences dialog , and specific rule constraint pages in the PCB Rules and Constraints Editor dialog. Preferences can be imported from any individually installed version instance of Altium Designer installed builds of AD10 or later , or any of the following pre-AD10 major releases of the software: Summer 09, Winter 09, Summer 08, and Altium Designer 6.

    The benefit of importing at initial startup is getting the working environment looking exactly the way it was set up in the previous installation. Importing preferences at a later stage will only 'restore' a subset of this environment. Participation in this program is strictly voluntary and anonymous, and you are free to stop participation in the program at any time. For the rules that govern the program, see the Altium Designer Improvement Program page , on the Altium website.

    If you decide to initially not join the program, but then change your mind, you can commence participation at any time. Conversely, if you initially start participating, but later would prefer not to, you are free to stop participation in the program at any time.

    The option to participate, or not, is available from the System - Product Improvement page of the Preferences dialog. The data collection process will not affect your computer or designs in any way. A highly optimized approach to the data collection is employed, which has no detrimental effect on your computer's performance. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document?

    Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly. We're sorry to hear the article wasn't helpful to you. Could you take a moment to tell us why? If you delete your Standalone license, then sign-in to your Altium account, the Standalone license is still available to you, although you will no longer be using it. The Activated field will reflect the license's prior activation with the entry Activated. To use the license again, either add the Standalone license file back in or, if you haven't made a back-up of the file, simply reactivate the license, using one of the following methods:.

    When reactivating a Standalone license within Altium Designer, and that license has already been activated, a dialog will appear alerting you to this fact and warning that using the license again may conflict with another user on the network if they are using the same license. If you are sure that you are the only person using the license, click Yes to proceed with activation.

    Proceed with reactivation if you are sure no-one else is using the license. The Activated field will change to Used by me. This will show who activated the license, and on what date. View the activation history for a Standalone license. If you are actively using a Standalone license, disconnecting from Altium will not affect the license, in the sense that it is already activated and in use. Irrespective of whether you are signed in or working offline with the license, simply disconnect and carry on working in true standalone fashion.

    However, if you are accessing your Standalone license for the very first time, or you have inadvertently deleted the license from your computer and have no backup of the associated license file , you will need to activate reactivate the license. This can be done, while disconnected from Altium, in the following two ways:. Use the Activate Standalone License dialog to create a temporary connection to Altium, with which you can quickly activate your Standalone license.

    Successful activation of a Standalone license! With your Standalone license activated, you can now continue using Altium Designer in a completely 'offline' mode. Standalone Licensing of Altium Designer. Using Altium Documentation. Now reading version For the latest, read: Standalone Licensing for version This is especially useful where client computers cannot access the internet for whatever reason. An Admin user - who does have connection to the internet - simply accesses and activates the licenses, then passes the relevant.

    When you sign in to your account, you do so through an Altium Portal. On the Altium side, a portal is simply a secure connection through to a specific Altium Account Management Server.

    The default portal is portal2. If you prefer to work offline, switching Altium Designer to an offline mode, and essentially severing the connection to Altium - enable the No, I wish to remain disconnected from Altium option.

    By enabling this option, your installation of Altium Designer will stay completely disconnected from Altium. While disconnected, you will not be able to access or use any of the on-demand services that require a connection with Altium.

    In essence, this option is a 'full offline' switch. All purchased licenses associated to your account, and that are allocated to you for use, will be presented here. Remember that activation of Standalone licenses can also be performed directly from your web browser using the Altium Dashboard.

    For more detail, see License Activation. To completely work with Altium Designer in offline mode - with no connection whatsoever to Altium's cloud-based, on-demand services - ensure that the connection option No, I wish to remain disconnected from Altium is enabled, on the System - Account Management page of the Preferences dialog. You can of course sign in to your account at any time while using your Standalone license, for example to make use of non-licensing features offered through the Altium Portal, such as the SUPPORTcenter, and to access updates.

    Adding a Standalone license file in this way is the simplest method to reuse a Standalone license that you have deleted from the computer. If you want to use the Standalone license again, simply add it back in using the Add standalone license file link, and locating your back-up of the. Activation history for a Standalone license is only available when you are signed in to your Altium account.

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    Defining the Board Shape in Altium Designer | Altium Designer 22 User Manual | Documentation.Activate Standalone License | Altium Designer User Manual | Documentation

    All of this functionality is delivered through, and the entire design process is performed within, a single Unified Design Environment — the only one of its kind, and it is engineered to deliver optimal productivity. The unified nature of Altium Designer allows for seamless movement of altium designer 17.1 license free data from one design realm to the next. At the start, the perceived steep learning curve can appear to be a formidable blockade to this productivity-enhancing landscape, and the wealth of features it contains.

    This, the core space for documentation specific to Altium Designer, provides all the information altium designer 17.1 license free to quickly get you up and running with altium designer 17.1 license free software.

    From high-level overviews and stepped walk-throughs, to full coverage of all the nuts and bolts resources delivered through the software's intuitive interface, the Altium Designer documentation provides a tree of knowledge at your fingertips. If you like what you see but are not yet a customer, why not take Altium Designer for a test drive?

    By filling out a simple form, you can try Altium Designer for free with 15 days of access to the full software. That's right, the ability to evaluate the full Altium Designer experience with no technical limitations, giving you unrestricted access to the world's finest PCB design product. Altium designer 17.1 license free the link below, fill out the form then see for yourself why more engineers and designers choose Altium Designer than any other product available! Altium Designer Free Trial.

    This tutorial will take you from a blank schematic sheet all the way to generating the files needed to fabricate the bare board for a simple nine-component altium designer 17.1 license free.

    The design you will be capturing then designing a printed circuit board PCB for is a simple astable multivibrator. The circuit — shown to the left — uses two general-purpose NPN transistors configured as a self-running astable multivibrator.

    The tutorial touches on many of the areas of the software that you will need to become familiar with in your day-to-day design work. What better way to familiarize yourself with and get to know your powerful design 'partner'? To handle your valuable design data while affording unparalleled collaboration, Altium Designer can connect to and work with a Workspace.

    The Workspace not only provides rock-solid, secure storage of data but also enables re-release of data as distinctly separate revisions — essentially tracking design changes over time without overwriting any previously released data. It also caters for the lifecycle of the data to be managed, allowing people that need to use the data to see at a glance what stage the data has reached in its 'life' and, therefore, what it can be safely used for.

    The Workspace is used to manage all design data, including components, domain models, schematic sheets of circuitry, and design templates. Indeed, you can even create and manage your entire design projects directly within the Workspace. By furnishing a set of reusable design 'building blocks' within the Workspace, you can embark on fresh projects safe in the altium designer 17.1 license free that each model, component, and higher-order design element has been ratified and approved for use, without having to reinvent the wheel as it were.

    The Workspace becomes both the source and destination of design elements, with each new design utilizing altium designer 17.1 license free released to and managed through the Workspace. Additionally, by designing only with elements from the Workspace, the integrity of those designs is inherently assured. With an Altium Workspace, you'll benefit from a richer set of collaborative features, altium designer 17.1 license free Global Sharing. And because it is cloud-based, you get the latest version of the Workspace without having to worry about manual upgrades.

    Schematic capture is the process of creating a logical representation of an electronic circuit. When you capture a schematic, you are connecting a collection of symbols components together in a unique way, creating your unique electronic product.

    When you perform your schematic capture electronically, you can create more than a high-quality printed representation of the design, perform related design tasks, such as a circuit simulation, and transfer the design to a PCB layout tool. Circuit simulation allows the designer to explore their altium designer 17.1 license free before committing to manufacture. Concepts can be verified and the circuit can be tuned quickly and accurately.

    Circuit simulation also gives the designer the opportunity to perform measurements that may not be physically possible on the workbench.

    The Simulator is a true mixed-signal simulator, meaning that it can analyze circuits that include both analog and digital devices. The Simulator uses an enhanced version of the event-driven XSpice. Inside every electronics product is a printed circuit board, or PCB. Today, the components have shrunken so much they are measured in altium designer 17.1 license free of a millimeter rather than centimeters, and track widths have shrunken from being 10 mil wide, well spaced lines, to thin, 2 or 3 mil hair-like lines that are tightly packed together.

    Rising signal speeds has also seen the PCB interconnects change from being simple copper conduits that carry electrical energy, to behaving as high-speed transmission lines, requiring design techniques to cater for this.

    The mechanical requirements have also become more complex. Compact, unusually shaped modern electronic products require compact, unusually shaped printed circuit boards which are often implemented as rigid-flex structures - these boards can have curved edges and cutouts, requiring carefully positioned components.

    Draftsman provides an advanced, yet flexible graphical editing environment for creating board design production documents. Based on a dedicated file format and set of drawing tools, the Draftsman drawing system provides an interactive approach to bringing together fabrication and assembly drawings with custom templates, annotations, dimensions, callouts, and notes. Draftsman offers automated placement of assembly and fabrication drawings on demand, and includes a wide range of manual drawing tools that can be used to add important details and highlighting to its multi-page documents.

    The final phase of the board design cycle is to altium designer 17.1 license free the output files needed to fabricate, assemble and test the printed circuit board.

    To do this, you need to generate a variety of output files in a variety of formats. As the designer, you have the choice of individually configuring and generating the outputs via the schematic and PCB editor, or alternatively, you can add all of the required outputs into an OutputJob and then generate them as part of the project release process.

    Many products include multiple, interconnected printed circuit boards. Bringing these boards together inside the enclosure and ensuring they correctly connect to each other is a challenging phase of the product development process. Have the nets been assigned correctly on each connector? Are the connectors oriented correctly? Do the plug-in boards fit together?

    Do all of the connected altium designer 17.1 license free fit into the enclosure? Managing this requires a design environment that supports system-level design. Ideally, this will be a design space where you can define both the functional, or logical system, as well as a space where you can altium designer 17.1 license free together the various boards and verify that they connect correctly, both logically and physically.

    An electronics altium designer 17.1 license free is a collection of connected components. The rewarding part of product development is coming up with cool ways of solving those engineering challenges, connecting those components to craft your unique design. However, a large part of the work, and to many designers, the more tedious part, is creating the components.

    While it might not be exciting, the components become a valuable resource for your company, and it is essential that they accurately represent the real-world component.

    The component that you buy and solder onto the board is the real component, but that component has to be modeled in each altium designer 17.1 license free the electronic design domains in which you want to use it. Backing Altium designer 17.1 license free Designer is a comprehensive set of online documentation. Wherever you are in the environment, over a menu command, a dialog, a panel, or a design object, press F1 to display comprehensive information about whatever was under the cursor.

    Within this comprehensive information, there are links to related information about how to place it, edit it, or use it. You also will find links altium designer 17.1 license free richer content about how it fits into the altium designer 17.1 license free design process. Available shortcuts also are listed in the various panels; look for the shortcut key strokes displayed next to the controls in the panel.

    Altium Designer Documentation. Using Altium Documentation. The Altium Designer documentation is versioned. You can switch to a particular version's documentation set manually, directly through your web browser, or you can sit back and access the correct version automatically from within Altium Designer.

    F1 mapping functionality and other documentation links are instilled that allow you to arrive at the correct documentation destination for the version of the software in which you are actively designing. Coming from a different design tool? Not a problem. Scoot on over to the area of the documentation that looks at Interfacing to Other Design Tools. Read about Installing and Extending Altium Designer. Read about Getting Altium Designer Licensed.

    Read about Altium Design Environment. Read more Designing with a Connected Workspace. Key Benefits of an Altium Workspace. Some of the key benefits that Altium brings to the design table: Securely share PCB designs with internal and external stakeholders with a web link with which they can view and comment on the design via a web browser on any platform Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS and any device desktop or mobile. Communicate true design intent early and collaboratively through commenting, co-creation, and visualization of PCB designs.

    Work from anywhere and connect with anyone with ease. Built-in storage and version control tightly integrated with Altium Designer ensures that the latest data is available at any time from any device.

    Conduct more effective design reviews by allowing users to highlight and mark up a specific component or area on a schematic or layout. Collaborate with multiple designers.

    The web browser platform simplifies how designs are visualized and marked up while allowing other designers to connect to the same PCB design with Altium Designer to author changes. Co-design with mechanical designers. Electrical and mechanical engineers can push and pull design data backward and forward in real-time with each being notified when changes have been made by the other.

    Altium provides native integration between electronic and mechanical domains through a built-in co-designer capability that provides altium designer 17.1 license free integration with a variety of MCAD software tools. Reduce miscommunication and redesign iterations with manufacturing. Compress design cycles with the capability to create formal atomic design releases ensuring a coherent set of manufacturing data. Create a manufacturing package that can be bundled up according to the needs of your specific manufacturing partner.

    It includes the capability for design, component data management, design data management, workflow authoring, process management, and more. As a complete or turnkey solutionit is comprised of configurable off-the-shelf modules and deployed with assistance from Altium professionals. Read about Accessing Your Workspace. Read about Designing with a Connected Workspace. Printer-friendly version. Found an issue with this document? Contact Us Contact our corporate or local offices directly.

    We're sorry to hear the article wasn't helpful to you. Could you take a moment to tell us why? Connect to Support Center for product questions.

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    Nov 28,  · This page takes a look at key features and technology enhancements available in the latest version of Altium Designer, providing a compact summary with link out to more detail in each case Altium Designer Free Trial. Altium Designer Released: 19 July – Version (build 60) End-User License Agreement; Legal Notice. Jul 08,  · By filling out a simple form, you can try Altium Designer for free with 15 days of access to the full software. That's right, the ability to evaluate the full Altium Designer experience with no technical limitations, giving you unrestricted access to .

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    Dec 14,  · With the Standalone license file acquired, you can now proceed to use that file to license your offline instance of Altium Designer. To do so: On the License Management page (within Altium Designer), click the Add standalone license file link. The Open dialog will open in which you can browse to and select the license file you just acquired. Mar 28,  · License Types. The Altium Designer licensing system features three distinct license types: On-Demand - client-side license acquisition is administered by an Altium managed server. There are two 'modes' when using a seat of an On-Demand license. On-Demand – a seat of an On-Demand license acquired by any client computer, only while you . Jun 09,  · Altium Designer Documentation 22 21 Cross-probing & Selecting Objects between the Schematics and PCB in Altium Designer.%